Kight’s KV-2 Shines in Groundbreaking Net Zero Home Project

Kight’s KV-2 is showcasing pioneering off-grid street lighting technology, illuminating the surroundings of the newly inaugurated Net Zero one-bedroom bungalow at the Energy Training Academy’s centre in Dalkeith, Scotland.


The Net Zero Home is a unique initiative seamlessly integrating practical training for renewable engineers, educational engagement for young people, and a real-life exhibition of sustainable technologies.


At the heart of the Net Zero Home lies its commitment to achieving a net-zero EPC rating through a plethora of eco-conscious technologies. Nestled within the expansive 12,000 sq ft. training facility in Dalkeith, this project focuses on three core objectives: upskilling engineers and tradespeople, addressing the retrofitting challenges in the current built environment and providing energy efficiency education for youngsters with the aim of inspiring them to pursue careers in renewables.


Co-founder of social enterprise The Energy Training Academy Mark Glasgow expressed his pride in seeing a long-held vision materialise; “The Net Zero Home is a testament to sustainable possibilities, showcasing how innovative technologies like solar energy, smart heating, and efficient design can come together to create an eco-friendly living space. It’s a practical example of how we can achieve a net-zero EPC rating, inspiring a step towards a greener future.”


It’s fantastic to see all of these state-of-the-art sustainable technologies, including our off-grid lighting, coming together to inspire and train new generations,” said Brandon Weston, Sales and Marketing Manager at Kight Off-Grid. “Our off-grid street lighting has been well received in low carbon housing developments and we are proud to be supporting this green social enterprise which is shaping careers in renewables.”


Key features of the Net Zero Home include heat pumps, solar panels, battery storage, infra-red heating, smart lighting, underfloor heating, air-to-air units, velux sun tunnels, a bath waste recovery system, and rainwater harvesting.

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