Kight Off-Grid and Roadside Technologies forge strategic alliance to deliver innovative off-grid lighting solutions

Kight Off-Grid and Roadside Technologies have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at introducing cutting-edge off-grid lighting solutions to the rental market for highways technology equipment.

Under the terms of this pioneering collaboration, Kight Off-Grid will supply its state-of-the-art lighting products and other innovative off-grid technologies to Roadside Technologies, which hires out highways technology equipment to the UK Highways and construction industries. The partnership has already seen Roadside Technologies introduce KV-6 temporary zonal lights to its fleet, the first of which have been deployed at a Tarmac compound nestled within a Nottinghamshire quarry.

Andrew Leigh, Sales Director at Roadside Technologies, stated, “We see a significant demand for off-grid products among our customers, and Kight’s KV-6 lights perfectly align with our commitment to providing sustainable and practical solutions.”

Kight’s KV-6 temporary lights have several key advantages over the alternative solar powered tower lights in common applications such as compounds and walkways:-

  • Size and footprint – the KV6 is a standard streetlight column mounted with a compact wind turbine and solar panels wrapped vertically around the column and with battery and controlling technology neatly placed inside the column and in the base. Traditional tower lights with a big solar array are much bulkier with a large footprint that can be obstructive in walkways and restricted compounds.
  • Ease of delivery and installation – the compact size means multiple units can be delivered on one truck and installation is fast.
  • Hybrid off-grid technology – Kight’s temporary lights are powered by state of the art off-grid technologies which simultaneously capture and combine energy from a wind turbine and solar panels to maximise input into a next generation fast-charging battery. The battery operates with no loss of efficiency at sub zero temperatures and has a remarkable twenty-year lifespan.
  • Zonal lighting – the lux levels and spread of light the KV6 provides is better suited to walkways and compounds, avoiding the glare and dark shadow associated with tower lighting.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Roadside Technologies, whose commitment to supplying sustainable technologies perfectly complements our mission to develop innovative off-grid products powered by clean, green, free energy.” 

Brandon Weston

Head of Sales and Marketing at Kight Off-Grid

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