Kight Off-Grid Multi Point Site Lighting

(Model KV5)

Green energy power generation for traffic lighting solutions on roundabouts and traffic islands.

  • Takes roundabouts and traffic islands completely off-grid
  • Easy to install with no on-grid infrastructure
  • Generate green energy for signage lighting
  • Silent and clean with no emissions
  • 100% clean energy with zero carbon footprint
  • No loss of battery efficiency in sub-zero conditions
  • Long life battery; 20 years plus


  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic Islands
  • Commercial Estates
  • Street Signage
  • Highways
  • Carpark Signage

Live, real time connectivity and remotely controllable ​​

All our lighting systems are connected via private network. We monitor critical performance data in real time and are able to make changes remotely to lighting levels and adjust on/off timings.

Product Specification


  • Lantern height 5 – 6m depending on application.
  • Total height with turbine 6-7m.
  • Die cast aluminium LED lantern, exceeding IK10++ specification
  • High performance lanterns, generating 186 lumen per watt


  • 4.8W relative efficiency at low light 97.3%
  • 150W peak solar
  • Si Polycrystalline solar panels with 0.4% annual degradation
  • Solar charger controller – MPPT working at 99% of maximum power point
  • Vertical self-cleaning solar panels
  • Secure solar holder designed to capture maximum solar radiation


  • Battery storage – 40ah/99.9% round trip efficiency
  • Eurocell
  • <0.1% annual degradation


  • 150W peak solar
  • 300W peak wind
  • 60Ah/12V/864w/h
  • 5 days backup in worst weather conditions


  • Wind turbine – KLE-300
  • Related power 300W
  • Peak power coefficient 0.34c
  • Valid power curve air density 1.23kg/m3


  • Remote monitor LoRa end node
  • LoRa private gateway
  • Connected to private LoRaWAN network
  • Custom client dashboard for monitoring assets
  • Stepped programmable lighting levels remotely adjustable

Fully off-grid, permanent and semi-permanent column lighting for housing developments, commercial areas and street lighting.

Reliable, off-grid lighting solutions for construction, highways, rail and outdoor events.

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